First Call for 2018 Candidates!

We’re looking for a candidate to run for US Representative in the PA 18th Congressional district to run against Tim Murphy! Interested in this, or other races in 2018? Read on for more!

With the impending resignation of US Representative Tim Murphy from PA 18th Congressional district, Greens have a terrific opportunity to get a good candidate on the ballot. Thanks to large turnout in 2016, the Green Party is recognized in Pennsylvania as a “minor party”, which entitles us to benefits such as being able to run a candidate in the special election to replace Tim Murphy. In a special election, you don’t need to collect signatures as you would normally, you can go straight on the ballot once vetted and approved by the Green Party!

Interested in running for US Representative to replace Tim Murphy? Let us know as soon as possible by filling out our Candidate Questionaire! The paperwork deadline will be coming up very quickly.

That said, with election day 2017 less than a month away, it’s time for us to plan for the 2018 general election. Next year is a Congressional midterm year, meaning all state and federal representative positions will be open, plus a few others like some state senators, our US senator, and the state governor. We’re looking to build a strong ticket of Green candidates in the Pittsburgh and greater Allegheny area to challenge the establishment of both major parties.

Check our Run for Office page for more information on the offices that will be available and how to get started running. Please reach out to us as soon as possible! Even if you’re not quite sure yet, let us know if you’re thinking of it and we can talk to you about the process to help you reach a decision.

To get started running for any office, fill out our Candidate Questionaire and we’ll get back to you with next steps.

We’ll be updating the Green Party’s Green Wave website over the next few weeks for the 2018 elections. Green Wave is the Green Party of PA’s efforts to provide more information on how to run for office and build a strong state-wide grassroots Green ticket of candidates. We provide this information for Greens and to the general public to assist anyone thinking of running for office. Grassroots Democracy is one of the four pillars of the Green Party, and so we’re always happy to see more grassroots candidates running to give voters greater choice beyond establishment candidates. Of course, if you share the Green Party’s 10 key values, we’d love it if you ran as a Green!