Congratulations 2017 Candidates!

Green Party of Allegheny County congraulates Pennsylvania Greens that won local races this past week: congrats Dave, Stuart, Bradley, Timothy, Cem, and others! Also, congratulations to Jules Mermelstein for receiving over 100,000 votes statewide. Read more about Green candidates in PA in 2017, and let us know if you’re not on the list!

At least 44 Greens have been elected to local office this year so far, including the Waterford Greens winning of 7 out 9 seats in a huge surprise victory. More wins expected as national results are tallied and certified. Many more ran and had some of the most impressive third party showings in decades, such as Jabari Brisport in New York City. Greens are on the move nationwide! A summary of Green candidates is available on the national party website.

We now turn our attention to the important 2018 midterm elections. With distrust of the two major parties at historic lows, now is the perfect time to offer a Green New Deal to voters and break the two party deadlock.

Help us make a successful 2018! If you or someone you know is interested in running for Pennsylvania state or federal office, please contact us. Learn more about what offices will be elected in 2018 in Allegheny County.