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PRESS RELEASE -- Green Party Holds Peduto, Fitzgerald, and Toomey Responsible at Zero Hour

posted Jul 21, 2018, 11:50 AM by Green Party of Allegheny County   [ updated Jul 21, 2018, 11:57 AM ]

Green Party Holds Peduto, Fitzgerald, and Toomey Responsible at Zero Hour



July 21, 2018

Pittsburgh, PA

Contact: Tim Jones, Chair,


Today, the Green Party of Allegheny County (GPOAC) stood alongside a cross-section of Pittsburghers and in solidarity with diverse youth and other citizens across the country in demanding action on Climate Change at the “This is Zero Hour” march held outside of the Grant Street entrance to the Grant Building in down town Pittsburgh.


Marchers and GPOAC called upon our elected officials at every level of government to protect and further implement strong climate policies. The marchers specifically stopped outside the offices of U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, Mayor Bill Peduto, and County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, three politicians whose current stances are considered to be harmful to the health and future of Pittsburghers.


The Green Party (GPOAC) appealed to Mayor Peduto to publicly oppose the Shell Ethane Cracker Plant. It was pointed out that Mayor Peduto’s silence on the proposed Shell Ethane Cracker Plant in Beaver County directly contradicts his declaration that Pittsburgh stands with the Paris Climate Accords. Jay Walker, Green Party candidate for Pennsylvania House of Representatives said that pollution of this magnitude would contaminate our air and water at even greater levels than now, a silence that would echo across the region as our children’s health declines and their future livelihoods diminish. 


County Executive Fitzgerald was targeted as receiving the most campaign contributions from Marcellus Shale companies.  Speakers like Walker representing the Green Party demanded that CE Fitzgerald end his solicitation of shale gas money and instead prioritize the region’s health and well-being by forming a committee to seek clean industries and renewable energy alternatives.

As the marchers progressed past Sen. Toomey’s office, his record of voting consistently against the health and constitutional rights of Pennsylvanians was pointed out. As a Senator whose time in the Senate is not running out anytime soon, members of the Green Party stated resolutely the need to pressure Senator Toomey to support science now, especially concerning climate change, while demanding that he be held accountable to the constitution of Pennsylvania and vote to support the original work of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and rigorously performed federal climate research and results.


As Green Party candidate for State Representative district 23, Jay Walker said during his address at the march, “Please Mayor Peduto, listen to the youth of Pittsburgh when we ask you to proudly and publicly speak out against the Shell Ethane Cracker plant in Beaver County.”


The message throughout the gathering was that an unpolluted environment is critical to the health of all Pittsburghers, Pennsylvanians, and Americans, especially young people, and GPOAC will continue to fight for that future with urgency in the present. The many young people at the march clearly supported these ends to defend Pennsylvanians' constitutional rights to clean air and water, redress pollution by industry and individuals, and build a sustainable future with renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Pictured: Green Party candidate Jay Walker for State Representative speaking at Zero Hour calling for Mayor Peduto to speak out about fracking and climate change.