The Green Party of Allegheny County (GPOAC) welcomes all interested new members that wish to drive progressive change in the Pittsburgh region. Please review our Party Platform to learn more about us and decide if you would like to join.

You must be a registered Green in order to vote on party business in the General Assembly. Please follow the instructions below to Register to Vote as a Green.

While we do not require dues for membership, we do suggest members contribute voluntary monthly dues to help us build our local party and our Green movement!

Even if you are registered in another political party, we encourage all interested to attend meetings and events as a non-voting participant. We are looking to build a progressive coalition in the county and welcome your support and point of view on how to obtain progressive change for our region.

Register to Vote as a Green

Voters in Allegheny County must register as a member of the Green Party to be officially counted as a member of GPOAC and to have full voting privileges at General Assembly meetings.

In 2016, the Green Party of PA received enough votes to qualify as minor party status. This means that when you fill out your voter registration form, you need only check the box for Green Party! If you received an older registration form that does not list Green Party, then simply check the "Other" box and enter "GREEN" in the party name box.

  • Check your Registration Status on the PA website to confirm you are Green (some voters have reported issues with changing to Green in the past so double check)
  • Register to Vote in PA online, required to fill out even if you previously registered in order to switch to Green Party
    • If you fill out the online form, you can select "Green" as the answer to Question 8 on Party Affiliation, then you're done!
register green on question 8 of online application

The Allegheny County website provides full details of voter registration requirements.